Thursday, April 20, 2006

So Much Depends Upon. . .

I always think about that William Carlos Williams poem in the spring, especially after the first few days of rain, when the sun returns and everything looks new, washed clean.

A lot has happened. Who am I kidding? I so seldom update this blog that a lot has always had time to happen. Perhaps it's simply a matter of critical mass. I wait until I have enough to write about. But that's not really true. I'm sure I could write most days about all the little things. I'm just busy, or lazy, or simply otherwise occupied. Lately, the "otherwise occupied" has included the following exciting activities:

-Learning Dreamweaver. This is a program for creating web pages. It's much more counter-intuitive than some of the other programs that I've been working with, so it's an interesting and sometimes frustrating endeavor. I am also just beginning to use Flash. When I'm done with my project, I may post a link here, if I think that it's good enough for public consumption. I would not advise you to hold your breath☺

-Selling Mary Margaret, the 2000 Golf TDI that I posted about last fall. We finally got her up and running in February, after S. rebuilt part of the engine. (I was afraid that she wouldn’t rise again until Easter, having been owned by a priest for most of her life.) I'm happy to say that she went to someone in Madison, WI who was thrilled to buy her. I'm sad to see her go. She was very cute, and, with her peppy turbo, fun to drive. She was, however, a 2-door, which drove me nuts, and my dear brother had some reservations about V dubs in general. He is, after all, a BMW guy. And soon, I may return to the fold, (it's always a good idea to buy something your family is willing to fix...) if I don't find a good little station wagon first. Alas, Lola the Corolla wagon is pushing 240,000 miles, and though we don't like to talk about it in front of her, she has some very weird noises coming from her rear end. (maybe a wheel bearing?)

-Adoring my new niece. Born on February 28th, she has already grown and changed so much. The "baby blog" link in the sidebar is for my mom's photo blog of K.Q.

-Cleaning up my gardens. So much has already started to come up. My Bleeding Heart is in bloom! Family readers of this blog will know that bleeding hearts hold a special significance, because Gram always had one growing by the front sidewalk. Every time I look at the bush all summer long I am reminded of her love and strength. It's a good thing.

-I will be getting my braces on today, at long last. I was almost through with my spacers when I ended up in the hospital in December. After that I didn't feel up to a new challenge, so S. removed the spacers (at the orthodontist's go ahead) with a tweezers. Now that I'm feeling better, it's time to get this show on the road. It will probably be a good source of blog-fodder.

Well, I have homework to do, so I'll sign off. I will probably post a follow-up on the braces. There's only one way for you to find out, gentle reader, and that's to check back here☺


Blogger Birdie said...'s NEVER too late to comment!

Sounds like you're outside more lately, huh? The bups must love that--do they recognize you with those braces on?

BTW, how do you get that cute little square on the end of your thoughts? I love it.

xoxo, the Mom

1:25 PM  
Blogger Lemony said...

Hmmm. In Safari it shows up as a smiley face. (I KNOW that you're amazed that I would use one, but hey, I was feeling. . .smiley.)



12:28 PM  

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