Friday, August 19, 2005

Stepping into new territory (again)

After the wedding, after the honeymoon, (still writing thank you notes) life keeps shifting into new topography. Not the relationship aspect, which seems to be very much as it was, as it has been, since we first met. This is a good thing. I think we began as we meant to go on.

No, what is different is the long-term plan. Having one. And also that the plan starts now. So in order to create this life that we are looking forward to living, a few points need to be re-mapped. Thus, I am going back to college. This is exciting-- it's been seven years since I graduated. I have a completed degree and minor as it stands, but now I am going to practice what I used to preach while working as a college admissions counselor. I am going to build on what I have already done, what I enjoy. My English minor will become a major in Applied and Rhetorical Writing. My BFA in Printmaking will gain a Graphic Design emphasis. I hope to make it through in a year and a half.

Giving notice to my boss at the mortgage brokerage was difficult for many reasons, none of them unexpected or worth detailing. I purposely gave more than two weeks so that they would have time to post my position, and with any luck hire someone. I now understand why people give only two weeks. I don't mind this job, but I'm having a VERY HARD TIME being here. My mind has kaleidoscoped away from the minutia of loan applications, and concentrating on the details of a potential borrower's 2003 W2's is as easy as tap dancing in roller skates. I know it can be done, but I really have no desire to be the one doing it. And unlike roller tap dancing, I don't especially like to watch loan applications being processed, either. It's a much more subtle talent, let's say.

September 2nd, my beloved last day on this job, you cannot get here fast enough.


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Regarding your new major: Can one specialize in rehetorical question asking?

Regarding your new major: Can one specialize in rehetorical question asking enough?

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