Thursday, August 04, 2005

When I promise infrequency, by God, I deliver!

Well, here we are in early August, having fast-forwarded past all of the snow, home improvement projects that took place as we geared up to sell my Mr.'s bachelor house, and yes, even the endlessly fascinating wedding planning.

The snow has long since melted, the house sold after only three days on the market, and as of a week and a half ago, I have gained a husband, and thus, become a wife.

This has had very little effect on East Nokomis, at least so far as I have seen. It is possible that I will continue where I left off, so many months ago, telling about my neighborhood and its gems and dives, or maybe this blog will stretch in a new direction, even as I do the same. Until then, I remain your humble reporter, Lemony.


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