Thursday, August 04, 2005

From here you can walk to the light rail

One of the advantages of living in East Nokomis is the fact that the Hiawatha Line light rail (currently the only rail line in the Twin Cities) runs along the eastern edge of the neighborhood. Connecting downtown Minneapolis to the Mall of America by way of the airport, the rail line doesn't offer fabulous variety destination-wise, but it has enticed us to travel downtown with more frequency by eliminating the need to hunt and pay for parking. (Not to mention the fact that I harbor a made-for-TV-movie-inspired fear of parking garages, which make up the bulk of downtown parking opportunities.)

Returning from our honeymoon in Canada earlier this week, we caught the light rail to 50th street, and then walked the mile home through a sea of late-night humidity so thick that we were both thoroughly sweat-soaked by the time we reached our front step. The Mr. was heard to grumble as we trundled our wheeled suitcases up and down curbs and over the bumps of the poorly lit sidewalk that being the closest relatives to the airport is a little like being the shoemaker's children.


Blogger Birdie said...

What an honor--to STILL be the first commentor on your blog! lol
I expect that the digital camera and it's honeymoon pictures will come in handy here, huh? (See the little picture icon on your dashboard? Click that only AFTER you've typed a few words...the thing doesn't know what you want it to do
Hmm, let's see: two postings last November, almost nine months between postings, then two more in a row...I'll check back in...late June???
ILY, Mom

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any nice pics of the honeymoon? share??lol

11:21 AM  

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