Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Counter Intelligence

Our kitty, Django, has some habits that I don't admire. Chief among these is his predilection for bringing live rodents into the house through the dog door, even though I hear we're supposed to feel flattered. (Or, as I have also heard, pitied, since it's obvious to him that we have really pathetic hunting skills. Thus he is helping us practice by bringing half-dead chipmunks for us to chase around the basement.)
In addition to his career as a rodent killing machine, Django excels at waking up house guests by squeezing his paw under the bedroom door and rattling it, jumping onto my back as I am bent over weeding the garden, and lolling around on the kitchen counters. To be honest, the guest-waking and back pouncing are kind of funny and clever. I don't mind them too much. The counter-lolling, however, REALLY bothers me—especially when he comes into the house from doing god only knows whatoutside and tracks muddy(!) pawprints over each of the three counter surfaces. Not only that: I caught him licking the seasoning oil off the cast iron skillet last week. Ish. And today, in the wake of another of Scooby's dessert-creation sprees (milk & white chocolate swirl fudge...) I walked into the kitchen to be presented with this:

I was not surprised to find out the Django likes sweetened condensed milk.

Contemplating a coffee chaser for his sweet treat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Django's the most beautiful cat I know, PLUS he has to deal with (ack!) dawgs. I think he's showing Wiley and Mazie what a real hunter can do--I mean, what do they catch for your possible dinner, huh?
I think you should let him do as he pleases...
Just my humble opinion :^)
xoxo Mom

8:20 PM  
Blogger Lemony said...

You say that now.

If, however, you had witnessed Django jumping onto the counter with sparrow feathers stuck between his toes, as I have done, you might feel differently. I happen to know that Zoekitty, who rules your house, is terrified of the outside world (no ceilings!), so I dare say you have a skewed sense of cat entitlement:-)



12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*guffaws roundly* Naughty cute gato!

Our catty, Lord Byron, stalks catnip and not much else when we let him out during the summer.

Lord Byron has also been found guilty of leaping onto the food prep area, eating several pats' worth of butter, then looking up at me crossly as if to say "Where's the toast?"

Hope you have a lovely holiday!

~Patsy's Daughter~

9:19 AM  

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