Monday, August 07, 2006

Tourists in Our Own Town

Several things have kept me busy lately, including longer hours at work, and more pleasingly, an afternoon on the placid waters of Lake Minnetonka (no rapids!) with Dilly, Shugie, Madilly, and a couple of our cousins and their sweeties.
Madilly and Dilly cooling off in Lake Minnetonka.

Our boating outing was followed immediately by a stream of beloved out-of-town visitors: My vibrant and fabulous college roommate K Dub, who stayed with us on the Minneapolis leg of her epic midwestern road trip, occasioning a soiree on an evening so hot and steamy that we forsook the backyard in favor of the air-conditioned splendor to be found in our cramped living room. The pups were delighted to have a house guest who loved on them as much as their Noona does.
Kisses for K Dub

K Dub's visit was followed immediately by a convergence of Scooby's Mom (our Little Mama, as opposed to Tall Mama Birdie) and B'Lou, sister of my heart, who, thanks to her most recent haircut, is looking more like my sibling than my actual sisters do! (Unfortunately, I was slow on the photography ball and didn't document this phenomenon. Suffice it to say that when I arrived at her parent's house to whisk her away for a catch-up breakfast a deux, we took in each other's hair [boy-short, blackish, and silvering more and more as we venture into our mid-30's,] black short-sleeved t-shirts, capri pants, and sensible shoes and chortled with glee.)

Little Mama, Scooby, and I spent Friday touristing around,
A happy family on the Guthrie's Bridge to Nowhere

visiting the newly completed Guthrie Theater, which is a stunning tribute to clever architecture, full of unexpected reflective surfaces, projected images, and endless escalators.
The Bridge to Nowhere's railing catches the sky.

After we had our fill of the theater building, we walked down the street to the Mill City Museum, sister of the Minnesota History Center, which details the history of flour milling in Minneapolis. Built within the masonry remains of the Washburn Flour Mill's A building, which burned to a shell in February of 1991, the architecture is fully as interesting as the exhibits housed inside.
A juxtaposition of the new and old structures in the courtyard of the museum.

Sunday we went to the Powderhorn Art Fair with a representative sampling of the River Falls contingent of Scooby's family: AB, Chano, and Dimples. The art fair featured some really marvelous work, including incredibly beautiful woodcuts by fellow Minnesota Center for Arts Education alumni, Nick Wroblewski.

Good times, good times.
Scooby and Dimples at the Powderhorn Art Fair.


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