Sunday, February 25, 2007

To bring you my Junk.

Hey. Hi. Hello.

I have been busy working on homework and watching cardinals frequent the bird feeder outside the window behind my monitor. At this very moment I am listening to mid-90's vintage PJ Harvey and feeling pleased to be done with the poster you see above these words. The piece is 30"x40", but I had the feeling that you wouldn't want to try to view it at that size. Call me crazy. All of you who have sent me pictures of your junk drawers and filled out the questionnaire, be on the look out for my next project, "2007 Parade of Drawers." If you haven't sent me anything, shame on you. It's not too late, though. Just let me know you want in, and I'll drop you a line.


Blogger Birdie said...

The poster makes me think of those picture-matching games where you find two rolls of tape--click, click--two round thingies--click, click--an awl and a rug hook--??'s cool!

12:38 PM  

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