Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Random News and Christmas Toes

Various things, notably the end of the semester, Christmas preparations and travel, and last week traveling to St. Joe to help Mom repaint her kitchen, have kept me from devoting any time to blogging. In fact, even now, sitting in my recliner cozied up in my stripy red pj's and a thick wool blanket, enjoying a lazy weekday, I don't find myself particularly motivated. I will pass on these morsels of information, though, and also leave you with a neato picture or three.

1. We had a great Christmas. Three, actually. First with Birdie, Shugie, Madilly, and Dilly out in Minnetrista, then in Elkhorn, Nebraska, with Scooby's wonderful family, immediate and extended, and finally back in Minnetrista again with Shugie, Madilly, Dilly, Papa, Suebee, and my five sisters, Nina, Nana, Bud, Roselia, and the Floor Hockey Champ. Also Nana's daughter, EmGee, and Gramma R.. It was great to see so many loved ones during the holiday season.

2. B'lou and Pat were home for the holidays, and we got to see them for a couple of outings, which was grand. We hope to somehow fit in a trip to Sacramento during the next year so that we can see them on their home turf!

3. It looks like I won't have to get upper jaw surgery after all! This makes me happy indeed. My orthodontist was making noises about the possibility, and I went to my appointment yesterday with butterflies in my stomach. He allowed (and I will say that I made it clear that I was less than thrilled about having my maxilla sawn apart and screwed back together) that I am a borderline case, and that he thought that he could work out a pretty good bite for me, albeit slightly less that IDEAL. Come on, we're talking orthodontia, not diamonds here. He did say that it could be that in 20 years I will wish that I had had the surgery, to which I replied that in 20 years there might well be different technology. He concurred. The he (sadistically?) bent my top and bottom wires for precision tooth movement and installed my first rubber band ("elastic") on the right side. My teeth were pretty sore last night, and still today, but it's nowhere near surgery:-)

Here are a few pix of Christmas in Nebraska:
Dimples and I sport our holiday cheer.

Mr. I's fabulous Gr slippers.

The Grandma and Dimples Mutual Adoration Society.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've noticed "dimples" isn't a much of an exclusive identifier among the Scooby clan. But the capitol D "Dimples" is about the cutest little girl I've seen since another girl I know was little.

Love hee munch - Noona

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