Monday, July 03, 2006

Winnipeg by way of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This spring some friends invited us to meet them in Jackson Hole, Wyoming over the 4th of July weekend for some whitewater kayaking on the Snake River. We thought that sounded like a swell idea, and started making plans for our trip. A short while later, I won two passes to the Winnipeg Folk Festival, which runs from July 6-9th, and our weekend became a week and a half with a hell of a hypotenuse.

While I don'’t intend to post a trip journal per se, I did want to pass along some of the amazing things that we have seen so far, and will see as our trip continues. As I type these words, we have just pulled into Jackson, Wyoming, after two days of fairly intense driving. It'’s just after 7:00 pm, and the sun is shining golden and hazy over the valley. The town is quaint, touristy, and bears a marked resemblance to Banff, Canmore, and every other destination mountain town I have ever visited.

Fast forward three days. It's now Monday, July 3rd, and we have been staying at the Station Creek campground with Red Leader, Murph (my hubby), P. Ratt, The Pope of Chili Town, the Bulkster, and one as-yet to-be-nicknamed camper, who is the new husband of the Red Leader. (Understand that, previous post on nicknames aside, I have had nothing to do with these apellations. I have fallen into a nicknaming group, and there is no escape. My official tag is now Little Kahuna Bunny, and that's that.) I will post the story of the nickname in a seperate post. Suffice it to say, there was kayaking carnage involved, and that it took place at a rapid on the Snake River called Big Kahuna.


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