Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Music for Babies

During the time that I was watching Dilly, I was able to entertain her with lots of different music, since most of my CD collection is on my computer. She seems to have some definite likes and dislikes, and generally preferred folk to just about any other genre. Through highly scientific methods, I was able to ascertain the following:

Dilly likes to listen to:

Eliza Gilkyson
Mason Jennings
Greg Brown

Dilly doesn't mind hearing:

The Gipsy Kings
They Might Be Giants
Aimee Mann

Dilly doesn't much care for the musical stylings of:

The Strokes
Modest Mouse
Guided By Voices

Dilly also has an appreciation for being sung to. Her current favorites include my rendition of "'52 Vincent Black Lightening" (Richard Thompson) and her Dad's versions of the theme songs from Grizzly Adams and Land of the Lost.


Blogger Madilly said...

I too, have tried to get the little one to like Modest Mous--but no such luck. In fact, she even showed her disdain by spitting up on my Modest Mouse t-shirt. By the way, I like the name Dilly....from now on I shall refer to myself as Madilly (ma of dilly).

9:03 AM  
Blogger Lemony said...

Madilly. I like that.

Yeah, Dilly seems to be a purist when it comes to music. I tried telling her that Modest Mouse sounds a lot like Talking Heads these days, but she wasn't buying it. I bet she'd like the Beatles, though. Especially the White album.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So there's Dilly. And Madilly. And one would assume Padilly. I doubt he would be Dadilly. That's who she is in Buckman (da Dilly).

8:58 PM  

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