Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Apparently, Heuchera ="HOY-craw"

However you pronounce it, it likes to grow in the shade, and shade is something I have in abundance.

H. Peach Flambe' and H. Plum Pudding backed by Asiatic Lilies (leftover wedding favors, transplants from Fares' backyard, and legacy plants from Doris) at the sunnier W edge of the rock garden.

H. Hearts on Fire. I love the variegated leaves.

H. Hearts on Fire and H. Purple Mountain Majesty next to the Blue Leaf Arctic Willow and Dianthus at the NW corner of the rock garden.


Blogger Birdie said...

OK, I've got it now--thanks!
It's cool that Mother and Daughter are gardening on the same day, 80 miles apart...but yours looks aLOT better than mine, and I'm the "professional"...lol

10:37 AM  

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