Friday, June 16, 2006

Yesterday We Turned 60

One of the first things that I found out about my husband, months before we started seeing each other, (the day that we met at the Hell's Gate Rapid on the Kettle River) was that we share the same birthday. We are not, however, the same age, and this year, as I turned 32 and he turned 28, we celebrated our combined 60th birthday at the Highland Park Chatterbox Pub. I foolishly forgot to bring my camera, and so was not able to document the convergence of the W.D.S.N.R. (Weekly Daily Show Nightcap Recap) contingent, my Wednesday Night Poker pals, fellow REI wage-slaves, various neighbors, and friends of all stripes. I mean, sure, many of them were at the wedding, but until last night hadn't had a chance to drink beer and chat while bathed in the light of a lazily revolving disco ball.

As my friend Jon summed up in an early morning email, we do, indeed, have an EXCELLENT circle of friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had such a headache yesterday from schwupping myself in the head because I forgot your birthdays on Thursday. On Wednesday I knew you had birthdays coming up. How I got so vanvickled that I forgot in only 24 hours is a mystery. So I hope you both had a lovely birthday (it sounds like you did). Here's to turning 62!

Love you both munch - Noona

6:57 AM  
Blogger Lemony said...

Oh, Noonia,

Don't schwup yourself— I had delayed recall in February for your birthday, too, so no harm, no foul.

I'm glad your lilies are blooming (as per your email.) I saw that J Mike and Madilly's are just about there, and Mom said that hers are also on their way. This time last summer you were hard at work helping me find just the right bulbs for the wedding favors. As you used to say to Biddo and Bud when they were little, "Can you believe it?"

Love to you, circled.


10:15 PM  

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