Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rainy Thursday

Josie the observer.

It would have been really easy to sleep in this morning. It was so gray when we woke up that I had to check the clock to know what time it was. Now, a couple hours later, a chilly rain is falling steadily, stalling any plans I had to run errands or walk around the lake. Josie and I are cuddled in the recliner, cozy in fleece and denim, and through the open window, past the hiss and trickle of water on the roof and in the gutters, I can hear that the neighbor's four year old is melting down again. Possibly he's sad at not being able to play outside, or wanted a cupcake rather than sliced apple for snack? Maybe his baby sister just looked at him wrong. He's a touchy one, that kid. I glance down at Josephine, beatifically nursing, and think to myself that she will, of course, be a laid-back toddler, just as she is an affable baby. And then I think that I'm deluding myself: all kids go through a random-tantrum stage. Wind lifts the roller shade on the window next to our chair–I can smell the dampness outside. It reminds me of England, which, in turn, makes me want a nice hot cup of tea. Guess it's not summer anymore.


Blogger Jess said...

Anything that makes you want a cup of tea is a good thing. I think.

And kids, I don't think they all go through the tantrum stage. I've known some pretty laid back ones. But yeah, I think it's normal if they do. I've also known some real screamers.

Love, Babylover and Nanny (aka Jess)

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Josie! She looks all cute and happy now but I wonder how life will be for her when she grows up and realizes that she doesn't have much of a web presence. Sure, her parents feed her and clothe her and schmeckle her and want all the best for her but how will they be able to explain her lack of cyber development to her? Oh the tragedy, the tragedy. And to think it all could have been avoided if her mumma had just updated her blog with lots of pictures more often. Oh well. Now, some people would exploit the child or use guilt in a case like this. The only bright spot here is that I'm not like that.

Love -
GreatAunt Anon in Mt. Prospect

8:02 AM  

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