Monday, July 24, 2006

Bocce & Becky—Two Great Reasons for a Party

On Saturday, Scooby and I attended two parties. The first was a wedding shower, a very nice event which reminded me that wedding showers are most fun if you are the person receiving the gifts, (and even then, it's not like there's dancing or anything.) The second party that we went to was a combination Bocce Ball/ Going Away party, and it was quite enjoyable. Mo(ther Ban)jo's friend Becky is moving to the northwest to be closer to her family. Minneapolis was supposed to be a brief hiccup for her, but instead became an alphabet-length burp, and now, at last, she has garage-saled her excess belongings and is hitting the road. We are sad to see her go, but have great hopes for her future happiness. There were even imported (from Michigan) fireworks (albeit small ones) to send her on her way.
Mojo and Kormy bracket Becky in a poignant leave-taking tableau.

Mojo as a BBQing Babe.

Whatever is Ms. Waldorf thinking? Write your caption in the comments section below.

Mojo's super snazzy Bocce court in play.

Imported Michigan sparklers create a nifty chiaroscuro effect.

We salute Becky by detonating a teeny tiny volcano.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was this partly an anniversary party tew?

Happy 1st Anniversary!


6:54 AM  

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