Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mediocrity Night at Al Vento

Last week we went to a restaurant called Al Vento for date night. We walked the few blocks-- the evening was unseasonably warm and misty. The type of weather that brings to mind the Pacific Northwest, inevitably causing Minnesotans to remark "if this were as bad as winter got, I would never think of leaving." Slug weather. We were celebrating the fact that I am once again employed, and trying to grab a little time before the onslaught of holidays and snow.

We have been to Al Vento twice before, and have found their food tasty and nicely presented. They are a recent addition to the neighborhood, having moved into a storefront on the corner of 50th Street E and 34th Ave S that was vacated when another restaurant, Marimar, closed their doors earlier this year. They are hoping to serve the same type of cuisine to the same people, for slightly lower prices. I wish them luck. Unfortunately, on this visit our experience was less than pleasant, due entirely to a waiter who was not up to the task. The food was good, the wine was excellent, and we will certainly go back. We would, however, wince to find ourselves in that particular server's section. Still and all, it is the only restaurant of distinction in the area, and if you come to visit I will probably take you there.


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